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The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 is a basketball original that gets a fresh look. It features proven details: smooth leather, eye-catching colors and that certain something that makes you shine. The design shows a famous scene from an anime classic in which Pain is currently using the jutsu “Shinra Tensei”. Every Akatsuki fan gets goose bumps at this moment.

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This timeless Nike Air Force 1 low-top sneaker features a hand-painted Akatsuki pattern with an illustration of Pain on both shoes. The exclusive shoe is made of leather and combines a classic, fresh and sporty silhouette. It is finished by hand with the utmost care and quality by Born Originals®️ in Germany. The shoes will be delivered in an exclusive 絢AYAKA香 X Born Originals®️ sneaker box with certificate of authenticity.

Each pair is hand-painted to order and custom-made for each customer. The cost includes a procurement fee for the basic pair Air Force in the ordered size. Please note the processing time as this sneaker is finished on order and will not be delivered immediately. The product is made for the casual streetwear look, but should not be scratched. For more care and cleaning instructions, please see the Born Originals® FAQ at ️